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What is conseptual art

Conceptual Art

In 1913, a painter by the name of Marcel Duchamp created with a defiant attitude. He created in protest of points of views that were too serious about aesthetics and the materials used to create art. This was the conception of the movement "conceptual art". After the creation of this painting he rebelled against and dramatically defied common ideologies when creating art. He displayed a urinal and calling it "Fountain". He installed a bicycle wheel to a kitchen stool and called it art. The concept of art was more important than what it looked like and what was used to create it. The term "conceptual art" while conceived in 1913 was not actually birthed until coined in the 1950's by Edward KeinHolz, a sculptor who produced multi-dimensional assemblages. He created life sized modeled figures that seemed to question society and demonstrate a cruelty of humanity.

I believe that this is a very important movement in art. No longer is creativity strangled by opinions, material or comparison to another piece of art. Conceptual art is inside every artist begging to come out, and now because of past artists defying ideologies, creativity can explode and assert itself as a viable presence.

Osnat Tzadok

'Nude Descending a Staircase - No. 2', Marcel Duchamp

Some notable conceptual artists and art groups are listed here:

* Art & Language
* Billy Apple
* Michael Asher
* John Baldessari
* Artur Barrio
* Robert Barry
* Joseph Beuys
* Mel Bochner
* Allan Bridge
* Marcel Broodthaers
* Victor Burgin
* Chris Burden
* Daniel Buren
* Mark Divo
* Marcel Duchamp
* Shahram Entekhabi
* Andrea Fraser
* Kendell Geers
* Thierry Geoffroy
* Gilbert and George
* Dan Graham
* Hans Haacke
* Iris Haussler
* Douglas Huebler
* Jenny Holzer
* Zhang Huan
* Adrian Piper
* Douglas Huebler
* Ray Johnson
* Ilya Kabakov
* On Kawara
* Jonathon Keats
* Mary Kelly
* Yves Klein
* Joseph Kosuth
* John Latham
* Matthieu Laurette
* Sol LeWitt
* Mark Lombardi
* Allan McCollum
* Yoko Ono
* Dennis Oppenheim
* Adrian Piper
* William Pope.L
* Dmitri Prigov
* Martha Rosler
* Allen Ruppersberg
* Wolf Vostell
* Lawrence Weiner
* Gillian Wearing
* Christopher Williams

Thank goodness artists have broken away from art that is overly concerned with that which can hinder creativity. Before conceptual art, it was like the day the music died, and not being able to listen to John Lennon singing about imagining there is no heaven. Without conceptual art, it's like thinking the world is flat. It's like never having man walk on the moon. It's like never seeing pictures that the Hubble takes.

Sources: Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica

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