Modern abstract paintings by Osnat Tzadok

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Modern Tree Paintings

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The meaning of Trees

Contemporary tree art has always fascinated me. This form of art uses trees / forests in landscapes ignited my imagination. In my artworks each individual type of tree, such as oak trees, ash trees, birch trees, blossoming trees, weeping trees, Cypress tree is painted vividly with lots of texture. I love the work of Gustav Klimt 'The Tree of Life'. Klimt used oil painting techniques with gold paint, to create rich art pieces, during that time. In his painting Tree of Life the swirling branches create mythical symbolism, an expression of life's complexity.

Gustav Klimt also painted birch trees, portray birch tree art in a different way. He painted young birches trees as a popular motif to symbolize the season of spring and the rapid growth of young people. In his painting The Park you can see only the tree trunks as it was painted in an abstract style. The lower part of the painting give us the hint that the green mosaic above represents tree crowns. Below them we see only a sea of dabs. Regardless of their style, trees paintings are known to appeal to a large audience of people and artists.

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