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  • April 20, 2023
  • Osnat Tzadok

Art: Why It’s Personal!

A large field of grass. On the distant horizon line a small shabby house is set against a forest. On the porch of the house a lonely young girl in a drab skirt sits on a wooden box. In the foreground, far from the house, almost unnoticed except for its color lies a tiny silver bell in the grass tied to a broken string. There is nothing else in the frame of the picture. You feel her sadness. You know something has been lost. Maybe you've lost something or someone in your life. It's why this painting or photograph or drawing means so much to you. It's hung in a certain private place in your home. Somewhere not everyone will see you stop to gaze at it. One day you might put it where more people can see it.

This is what art can do in our lives. It's what it should do.

Art: it's personal...

"Art is one way to say something meaningful without explaining it to anybody..."

In other areas of your home, it's different. The living room features a large acrylic painting that is vibrant and bright hung beyond the sofa above a long white table that gives the entire room a focal point. Another forest background but muted with a row in front of impossibly colored trees in a mix of abstract and realism. The original painting grabs your eyes, and won't let go. You follow the artist and this piece is a commissioned work. You've worked with the artist to achieve the result every eye turns toward when entering the family room. It's apparent you've collected this artist over time when friends and visitors see more of the artist's work in the guest rooms, and in your home office where a couple of great looking prints are framed. Each work gives the viewer a new feeling to explore from their own perspective and perhaps a bit of a view of yours, too. Your choices make a personal statement to the world, right? Art is one way to say something meaningful without explaining it to anybody... but each piece does invite conversation. How much is up to you!

"When you find an artist whose work you enjoy, it's an opportunity to become a collector. Follow that artist on social media, join their mailing list. Get to know who they are and why they relate to you so well in their work."

Good art, even great art is subjective and personal, too.

Where to find that great looking piece of art for your home or business begins with exploring. You can't catch a fish unless you go where the fish are biting, my grandfather once told me. So where to start looking?

Online comes immediately to mind and with your favorite search engine, social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, online shops and online galleries. There is an ocean of art images on Google Image searches. Use long-tail keyword searches. What the heck is that? A series of adjectives following each other will produce more detailed results rather than bland generic terms like Art, or Home Decor. You can overwhelm yourself with search terms that are too broad. If you enjoy acrylic paintings, and want something special for the dining room that will dazzle try "Original Acrylic Painting Home Decor Dining Room Modern Abstract Landscape". Add specifics like "Nordic" or "Mediterranean" or "Large Canvas" and choices narrow down further.

While browsing various search results, try to find an artist that you like by asking yourself some questions:

- Is the subject of their works something that interests you? Do you like still life, urban scenery, landscape art, geometric art, and so on.
- Are the colors they use match your personal taste?
- Is the size of their work too big, too small, or just what you are searching for?
- Are they active as an artist and keep creating and evolving?

When you find an artist whose work you enjoy it's an opportunity to become a follower and potentially a collector as well. Follow that artist on social media, join their mailing list. Get to know who they are and why they relate to you so well in their work. If they have any reviews or interviews check them out. What is the artist's motivation? Their story might inform you and help with a more personal connection.

When you find somebody whose work suits your own visions, and your needs, reach out.

Get their contact details, art bio history, and learn why they love what they are doing. Most artists are open, friendly people who love to communicate to their buyers and collectors. Find out their price list and how they ship, if insurance is available or if you can pick up from their studio or gallery.

Artists might negotiate a price or payment solution over time if the work is a bit expensive. Always ask! Get a Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed, with the date of purchase and the amount you paid in case you decide to insure it from damage in your home.

Consider the size and shape of the painting or other artwork and the color scheme in your home. Decide what framing (and the added costs) might be needed before you buy a painting. But don't wait too long. That special painting you are considering might go to another buyer unless you communicate directly with the artist. Ask about a commission to nearly recreate it if you lose it to another buyer.

Stay in contact. Many professional artists have a mailing list or a social media group or page and a website you can visit to learn about new work and events. But the main thing is to enjoy the whole process and find that unique piece of art that says something personal to you and about you to the world!

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