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  • October 08, 2018
  • Osnat Tzadok

Best Places/Spaces to Sketch

Finding an inspiration and a right place to sit, are two most difficult things to find. As a sketch artist, it can get quite annoying to find a great place where you can draw a sketch. Moreover, it's a common problem among sketch artists. There should be a great place for them to sketch in. The house or the studio proves to be a bad place because there isn't anything to draw.

Unlike Abstract artists, sketch artists need to focus on a particular object or setting to complete their drawing. Abstract artists can sit in an office and start working on their project. They don't need to look at any particular object or thing. That is not the case with sketch artists.

Why the need arises?

The main reason why sketch artists need to look for good spots to sketch is because of their work. Drawing a sketch takes a sufficient amount of time. Small sketches might finish in a few seconds but in the case of proper sketches, the process takes hours. That's why the place should be calm, peaceful and inspirational.

You'd need a place to sit calmly and finish your project. It should also be full of inspirations so you don't have to waste time looking for one. Still, you shouldn't worry much in this regard because the following points will help you in finding a good place to sketch:

If you're looking nearby:

There are two options for you to look for a good place to sketch at. One is to look around your locality and go to the respective places. The second is to visit some great locations around the globe. Here are some of the local spots you can visit:

  1. Go to a caffe:
    A caffe is the best place you go to. It'll be full of people and it'll provide you with a quiet environment as well. It'd be good if you sit in the outdoor section.
  2. Or sit in a park:
    Parks are always an inspiring spot for sketch artists. From playing kids to chirping birds, you can find a number of things to sketch.
  3. Go to the zoo:
    If you aspire to draw some wildlife sketches then the zoo would be the place to go. It's quiet and peaceful too.

If you wish to travel:

Traveling to different locations around the globe can help you in this case too. Apart from the usual choices (like the world heritages), following are some suggestions.

1. New York City's Central Park
2. France's Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild Gardens
3. Los Angeles's Griffith Park
4. Venice's Caffe Florian
5. Bengal's Sundarbans


The above lists should've helped you in this regard. You can go to any one of those locations and start your project. It's certain that a new inspiration will soon strike your mind.

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