Abstract Art Composition


One of the most popular forms of art is abstract art. It has been the favorite choice of many geniuses including the famous Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock. These artworks seem a little confusing at first but the depiction is clear. To start creating an artwork of this category, you will need some knowledge to begin with. The following article will help you in that regard.

Knowing where to begin:

New artists face a number of difficulties when they want to start an abstract artwork. This form of art is a little different from the others because of the prominence of imagination and conceptualization. Having the knowledge of the fundamentals will help you create better artworks and in avoiding novice mistakes.

A major misconception among people who doesn’t know about abstract art is of conceptualization. Developing an artwork of requires following a certain set of rules. It is true that creating the artwork is reliant heavily on the imagination of the artist. He or she can create anything as long as it sticks to a certain idea. By following the rules, one can make better and clearer artworks. Moreover, these rules have been followed by all of the successful artists for creating stunning and attractive artworks.

What is Abstract Art Composition?

The fundamental of creating abstract art is to have a basic idea and depicting the same through the piece. This does not mean that the artwork should be repetitive. Repetition is allowed but it can be visually boring and it may easily ruin the quality of the overall piece of art. Having a basic idea means, you should determine a certain design before starting the work.

For example, you can have a bridge design. This design shows one side of the piece connected to other, just like a bridge connects two sides of a river. Similarly, you can use a triangular design. Such designs will not only give your art a better structure, but it will also help you in creating the artwork yourself. You will find it easier to start the work and complete the piece. You should remember that the design is not limited to specific shapes. They could be alphabetical, geometrical, or any other, depending upon your requirements.

What modern artists do?

Modern artists combine the elements of real life and use their imagination to show a different view of the same. The theme could be set around colors or objects and as stated before, shapes. You will find numerous artists experimenting with the basic structure of abstract art or modifying it to give a nice composition to the same.

Some artists stick to a set of colors and use their different shades. On the other hand, you have artists creating a clear image for better understanding. In the end, the modern abstract art has expanded into the conviction of different visuals.


Creating these artworks is not a hard task. You should have a fixed idea in your mind and you will be able to create a great product.

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