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By Osnat Tzadok

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How do I hang my new painting?

Transforming your living space with an abstract painting can bring a burst of creativity and personality to your walls. Here's a simple guide on how to hang your abstract masterpiece with finesse.

1. Choose the Right Wall: Consider the room's lighting and the size of the painting. Opt for a wall that provides enough space for the artwork to shine without overwhelming the surroundings.

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How do I choose the right abstract painting?

Are your walls looking a bit too vanilla? Are you ready to bid adieu to the bland and embrace the abstract? Congratulations, you're about to embark on a journey that's more thrilling than choosing your morning coffee blend. We're diving into the captivating world of abstract paintings and, more importantly, how to choose and hang them with the finesse of an art connoisseur.

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What is your return & exchange policy?

Exchange is accepted on hand-made paintings only (prints are not included), with the following guidelines:
- You must contact me within three (3) business days, from the date the artwork is received on your end. I will then provide you with the shipping details.
- Exchange is done with paintings of similar value.
- It is the customer's responsibility to pay for the shipping of the returned painting. Painting must be packaged properly (similar to the way it was shipped) and insured.
- Posters and embellished prints are non-returnable.

There is no return on hand-made paintings as they are artworks made specifically to you upon request.

Do you ship your paintings stretched or roll in a tube?

My paintings are offered either stretched or rolled in a tube, depending on their size. The shipping method is displayed for each painting in the product page and the shopping cart.

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Commission Works

Yes. Some customers may need different sizes or color themes than those I offer on the site. If you have such special requirements, please contact me via email or phone to discuss your needs.

Payment Methods Accepted

I accept payments via PayPal and all major credit cards.

Safe Shipping

All my paintings are shipped via DHL or FedEx with tracking number and are insured against damage or loss.

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