Modern abstract paintings by Osnat Tzadok

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Cityscape Paintings on Canvas

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Cityscape Paintings

Choose your favorite handmade abstract cityscape paintings that portray city scenes such as streets, skyscrapers, bridges, taxis and other urban settings. Abstract city paintings is an art that depends on city scenes and their elements such as streets, bridges, roads and traffic, skyscrapers and buildings.

Here, in this page, you can find abstract streets paintings, abstract bridges paintings, abstract city traffic paintings and so on, all of them are painted by me, Osnat Tzadok in a modern and contemporary style. Among my cityscape paintings you can find Chicago skyline, New York skyline, Toronto Skyline and more. If you haven't found the city skyline painting you like, you can ask me to create one for you.

Cityscape paintings can reflect cities at daylight or at night time, and therefore portray different atmosphere. Abstract city paintings are best painted with a palette knife to create texture and add visual dimension to physical objects like buildings, skyscrapers, bridges and streets. They can also portray an entire city skyline, or express a city reflection on water. Abstract city paintings are modern and can show people holding umbrellas in the rain in a vague style, they can also portray a city rush such as traffic jams, taxis on rainy roads, or people passing along in daylight. The possibilities in creating abstract city paintings are endless both in style, size and color.

One of the most admirable cityscape artist is Camille Pissarro who is regarded as the father of the impressionist movement; Many of his works center on cityscapes in both daytime and nighttime. Pissarro became famous for his ability to depict cityscapes in an impressionist form. He used brushstrokes and a special use of color to display the glowing lights and how they illuminated the streets and storefronts of the famous Boulevard Montmartre.

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