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Abstract Paintings

Abstract Art. Abstract paintings is a free expression of inner emotions that can be expressed on a canvas using lines, shapes, bold colors, strong brush strokes and texture. Find here the very best of custom, handmade abstract paintings and prints on canvas. You are invited to discover the widest collection of contemporary abstract art on my site, and find a wide variety of different styles, colors and sizes. All the paintings on this site are original paintings, handmade by myself, Osnat Tzadok, and created over a span of more than 20 years as an abstract artist.

Some abstract art portray objects that have been "abstracted" from landscape, city scene and seascape, while other abstract paintings can be totally detached from any reference to our visual world. These usually are expressed by random splashes of paint, shapes and lines. Large scale abstract paintings tend to have a bolder statement in decorated spaces and affect the room atmosphere and vibrancy.

Art abstraction continues to change and evolve into new forms of art movements such as: impressionism, post-impressionism, cubism, futurism, expressionism, constructivism, abstract expressionism, color field painting, geometric abstraction, minimalism, pop art and post-minimalism.

Art movements have included Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Post-modernism, Minimalism and Feminist art. The number of art movements has grown so much that virtually every year avant-garde movements with new names have surfaced in the art world. One movement that dominated contemporary art for several decades was one of the movements I just mentioned, Abstract Expressionism. Artists in this movement felt that the expression of their feelings was the main reason for making art, and the art they made generally had no reference to anything in the external world.

Many people love modern and contemporary art, if you came across this website, you are probably one of them. There is magic when modern and contemporary artists create something that makes you think, something that is not always easily recognizable. In abstract art, it is more about understanding the concept and knowing about the artist and their artwork to truly grasp the meaning of what they are trying to portray.

So for today's world, we enjoy what contemporary art brings us. We learn to interpret what contemporary artists try to portray with their work. Art is a form of expression, a mode of communication that is supposed to convey some sort of message from artist to viewer. How that is done is up to the artist, and how the message is received is up to each individual viewer.

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