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Osnat's Art Blog

  • Osnat Tzadok
  • February 27, 2023

How to Appreciate Modern Abstract Painting: A Beginner's Guide

Modern abstract paintings can be captivating and mesmerizing, but they can also be intimidating for those who are not familiar with the art form. If you're a beginner looking to appreciate abstract paintings, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore the basics of modern abstract painting and offer tips on how to appreciate it.

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  • Osnat Tzadok
  • February 15, 2023

Home Decor: Art Makes A Room Feel Finished

A Blank Canvas

When an artist looks at a blank space upon which something beautiful and meaningful will be created there are questions: What kind of perspective will be used? What colors? Where will the focal point be? What story will be told? What feelings am I going to express in this artwork?

An Interior Decorator will ask you these questions, and more. What will each room say about you, your personality and interests in life? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Your home is a blank canvas to an Interior Decorator. You might be adding an artwork to an existing room that has colors and other significant elements already decided. Keep a few questions home decor specialists ask in mind when you search for a painting for your home, office or business.

Interior decoration is an art form. Professional Interior Decorators use color, light, form and perspective cohesively with the architecture, furniture, lighting fixtures, windows, doorways, textures and space available to create an emotional response. You can consider these elements, too, when looking for an artist whose painting says something you want to express in your home.

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  • Osnat Tzadok
  • February 05, 2023

How I Started With Seascape Paintings

For many centuries, paintings of sailboats, oceans and seagulls were the subject of interest for many art lovers. These objects are somewhat connected to feelings of freedom and peacefulness, to a sense of disconnect from urban life on one side, and to a closer connection with nature on the other side. No matter what the reason is, looking at sailboats' paintings brings a sense of serenity, quietness and calmness.

My love for sailboats started in Toronto when I first visited the marina in Lake Ontario. The colorful harbor there is nothing less than beautiful, from the early hours of the sunrise to the late evenings of the sunset.

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  • Osnat Tzadok
  • April 20, 2023

Art: Why It’s Personal!

A large field of grass. On the distant horizon line a small shabby house is set against a forest. On the porch of the house a lonely young girl in a drab skirt sits on a wooden box. In the foreground, far from the house, almost unnoticed except for its color lies a tiny silver bell in the grass tied to a broken string. There is nothing else in the frame of the picture. You feel her sadness. You know something has been lost. Maybe you've lost something or someone in your life. It's why this painting or photograph or drawing means so much to you. It's hung in a certain private place in your home. Somewhere not everyone will see you stop to gaze at it. One day you might put it where more people can see it.

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  • Osnat Tzadok
  • April 03, 2023

4 Reasons to Choose Your Wall Art Wisely for Interior Design

Ask anybody about interior design, and the first thought always drifts to the color palette that will have to go on the floors, the walls, ceilings, and the rest of the room's furniture. Traditionally, the decorations and the room accents are put off as an afterthought.

This, in particular, happens to wall art. You deal with it last, don't you? Long after the last coat of paint dries and after the furniture's been set up and arranged.

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  • Osnat Tzadok
  • March 19, 2023

Color Mixing Techniques

Color mixing is one of the basic things you will be doing as an artist on a regular basis. Knowing how to mix different colors is essential for a painter. This knowledge will increase the number of available colors you have and so you will have more versatility. You will be able to create a diverse range of colors and work with them effectively.

Color mixing is not a difficult task. The following article will help you find out as to how you can easily get started.

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