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  • September 19, 2018
  • Osnat Tzadok

Things You Need to Know Before You Start With Your First Oversize Painting

Drawing your first painting is a memorable experience. You'll remember each step of your painting process and you'll hope that it comes out great. Not only it will give you some great memories but it will also help you understand how easy (or difficult) painting is. Many people make some fundamental mistakes with their first painting. Due to those mistakes they hate their final product. Some leave painting altogether and begin to doubt their artistic abilities. However, you don't have to go through that.

With a little knowledge, you can avoid those mistakes and create a great painting. Whether you are going to paint an object or an abstract image, you should keep the following points in mind.

You need a plan (or not)

For some people, planning is a necessary step. Personally, I do not find it a prerequisite in most cases, especially when creating abstract art. However, if you are more of a left-brain type of person, then you might want to spend a little time planning when you're starting a painting. Many novice painters should plan, but do not. They take their supplies and start the painting process. Then, mid-way, they realize they don't know how to complete the painting. This leads to irritation and it might even ruin the painting too. By creating a plan beforehand, you'll be able to avoid a number of mistakes and difficulties. Determine how you're going to start the painting. You should plan about the entire process, to make sure no difficulties occur. With time, you may feel you need less and less planning in advance.

It'll get messy

Before you begin to paint, you should make some arrangements for cleaning. If you're painting in your living room, try to place newspaper or any other covering material on the floor and beneath and canvas. You wouldn't want to create a mess.

Buy good supplies

The quality of the paints and the brushes will influence your painting considerably. Low-quality colors don't mix well. They also fail to give good shades. With low-quality brushes, you wouldn't be able paint properly. The strokes wouldn't be as accurate as you desire.

Remember to paint in layers

Some people forget this point but it's crucial. You should paint in layers. This means, you'd begin the lighter shades and end with the darkest ones. The darker shades can overlap the ligher ones but the vice-versa isn't possible.

It will take time

Your first painting will take time. If you think you'll finish it within a few minutes then that's not possible. However, the size and detailing influences the time considerably.

Know how to fix a mistake

It's your first painting and like everyone else, you'll be making mistakes too. It's important that you know how to fix the mistakes in a painting.


Painting is fun. You'll enjoy the entire process and when you'll be finished you'll have a fine product to look at. If it doesn't turn out good, remember that everything starts with the first step. You'll learn new things with every painting you create. Moreover, many people never even finish a painting they started so you should be proud of yourself.

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