4 Reasons to Choose Your Wall Art Wisely for Interior Design


Ask anybody about interior design, and the first thought always drifts to the color palette that will have to go on the floors, the walls, ceilings, and the rest of the room's furniture. Traditionally, the decorations and the room accents are put off as an afterthought.

This, in particular, happens to wall art. You deal with it last, don't you? Long after the last coat of paint dries and after the furniture's been set up and arranged.

But is it such a big deal? Whether or not wall art should go first or last?

No doubt about it. Each element of interior design is special and important. And while it's dandy and good to talk about all of them, it's like writing the entirety of a book. Right now, we're only going to tackle a couple of reasons on why you shouldn't relegate wall art as a mere afterthought.

Why should you care about choosing the right wall art?

You're missing out on more than a couple of opportunities for interior design in ignoring wall art. Chosen carefully and thoughtfully, the right wall art can contribute so much to a single room -- and not just a focal point.

But if you're a little skeptical about giving wall arts a chance, then you can refer the following reasons we've listed below to convince you, plus use as a guide for choosing the right kind of wall art for any room you choose.

A Fresh Focal Point

Perhaps one of the basic lessons that interior designing would nail down is the fact that every room should have a proper focal point -- an element that breaks the monotony and draws the eye, and gives people an idea of what to expect. Whether it's a piece of furniture or an eye-catching accent piece. Often, people turn to art pieces immediately.

You can choose between selections of single pieces of art -- medium to large, or create a wall gallery. Just imagine that sitting above your couch, over the dining area, or just decorating the otherwise empty wall space above your bed pushed up against the wall.

When choosing a wall art with the creation of a focal point in mind, the biggest consideration is size.

Here's what you need to consider:

  • Whether it fits the chosen space; wall space availability
  • It's in plain view immediately after walking into the room
  • Not too large and not too small

Adds More Sense of Texture to a Room that Lacks It

When we say wall art, we just don't mean those giant flat canvases or classic picture frames -- though those are incredibly great. But in the middle of deciding on the perfect wall art to have and trying to figure out if you really do need one, you should consider variety.

Other pieces like paintings and sculptures meant for being mounted on walls can give a room that depth that its missing.

The added bits of texture contribute to weighty visuals for the interiors, which actually help determine how a room should feel. For instance, smooth textures give the impression of being sleek, modern, and aloof; while rough textures foster intimacy and gives occupants the feel of being grounded.

So experiment with a variety of other materials.

Selecting Wall Art Gets You an Instant Color Palette

There are some people who find choosing the right color palette intimidating, and who could blame them? It's certainly daunting if you don't know where to begin. The various shades of colors available in paint in your local homestore are numerous, and they're not really helping.

Narrowing down the choices for color in a room to fit your visions can be challenging.

Now, the great thing about searching for your favorite wall art to fit the space is that it can serve as your go-to to decide on the room's colors along with the corresponding furniture. It can be the inspiration behind the eventual color palette.

After all, it's easier to work with something that's already there rather than work up from scratch.

So how do you pick out colors from the wall arts you choose?

Adhere to the Rule of Three. Keep it minimal and pick out two or three colors or shades of color present in your chosen wall art that you would want to incorporate in the room's decor. Choose a dominant color and try out different shades for accenting.

Afterward, you can then proceed to search for those colors in the furniture and the accent pieces that will be present in the space.

An Air of Completion

Can you recall the feeling of seeing empty walls? To some, it won't be a bother. But for others, there's a teeny tiny thought niggling away at the back of your mind, just telling you that something is amiss.

The wall art you choose is the finishing element that puts your space together. It's what completes it. Any room gets that little extra touch of elegance even with a simple piece of wall art -- both functional and gorgeous.

Wall Art Defining Your Home

In choosing the right wall art, you don't have to treat it like it's the last thought. The right wall art cultivates the atmosphere of a space and works to keep your room welcoming and inviting to more than just your guests.

So, get out there and choose the wall art that suits your style and your tastes just right.

Article credit to Alison Brown from panel wall art

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    It depends on your walls and how they are set up but I think maybe a dark red or maroon would look nice if you want warm colors like red.
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    Thank you for pointing out that texture can be an important part of a room since it can give a room depth. My husband and I just bought our first home and don't quite know how to make it our own and which styles to follow. I think we should hire an interior designer who can help us figure out how we want our home to look and help us get there.

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