Creating Abstract Landscape Painting


Abstract landscape paintings look absolutely stunning. There are numerous paintings of this category present in the market and you can see how an artist can convert a real life area into a beautiful piece of art. It is the opposite of realism, where you create the object as realistic as possible. In an abstract landscape, you can see unusual colors, areas and modifications that might not be present in real life.

Creating such an artwork is not difficult. With a little knowledge and some practice, you can create amazingly beautiful artworks that captivate the viewer. The following article will help you in beginning your artwork.

Choose a setting

The most important thing you need is a setting. You can go someplace nice and click a photo or you can search online and get an image. The picture will be used only for reference and inspiration. You do not need to draw the original landscape in order to create your artwork. You can modify the landscape completely depending upon your requirements.

For choosing an image, you should rely on your instincts. The main function of the image is to inspire you and therefore, if a picture does not spark anything inside your mind, you can leave it. This way, you will be able to sort the images faster and with more clarity. Additionally, you should try to keep the landscape minimalist and simple. It will be easier to work on a landscape that doesn’t have too many tress or establishments. On the other hand, you can try different kinds of landscapes, such as mountains, deserts, beaches, etc. You never know, which setting might get you inspired.

Experiment with it

Once you get a good and inspiring landscape, you should begin working on it. The experiment could be of anything and any section. You can choose to modify the sections of the land, reduce the area covered by the waters or remove the trees. You can also try different colors and combinations. As it is abstract art, you do not need to get the real colors on the paper. This opens up numerous opportunities for you to try different things.

You also have the option of switching the area. You can shift the land on another side of the canvas. Similarly, a black and white landscape might look beautiful if created correctly. Experimenting with the setting will help you largely in this regard. Keep ticking off the things you liked and then you will have a complete idea to work with.

Start working

After getting an idea for your painting, you can start working on it. Try starting the work on the painting right away because you might lose the inspiration later on and the artwork might never get completed. You can always return to work more on the piece but starting the work is necessary.


The above points should have helped you. You can now begin your abstract landscape painting and create your next piece of art.

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