5 Insights to Succeed as an Artist


When I started painting I had no idea I would succeed as an artist. All I knew is that I had a burning desire in me - a fire that water couldn't put out. My journey has been long and hard. I have faced many trials and tribulations throughout my career and learn more everyday about what it means to be an artist. I have compiled a list of five points that I think stand out the most, based on my experience, with regards to how to succeed in such a saturated industry:

1. Having a passion for what you do is mandatory for every profession . It is the first key to succeed in what you do and as an artist, it means experimenting with different colors, materials and techniques. Passion to me is what keeps you going even in the face of adversity. This involves sticking to your guns and doing what you love no matter what other say. You may hear the ones around you telling you over and over again, "You're wasting your time" and "Do something more productive with your time". Regardless of the harsh criticism it is of utmost important to press-forward.

2. Self discipline and dedication are critical in making continuous progress as a young professional. It requires stringent focus and commitment. If you treat art as a hobby, you are most likely going to make hobby-money off of it. In general, being able to avoid distractions and focus on the work at hand is necessary for improving artistic techniques and for dealing with many of the aspects of creating a small business of your own.

3. Find your niche. Creating art is both a mental and physical effort. To reduce the amount of effort and make the process of creation more easy and fun, one must find the style of art that best suits his/her inclinations. Are you drawn into the realm of realism, pop-art, surrealism, landscape or other types or movements? This is just one example of a question one might ask his/herself as they embark on the quest of finding who they are as an artist.

4. Believe in yourself. The process of art creation can be frustrating at many times. Color composition may not come out as expected, the idea you had in mind not being carried over onto the canvas, and details are not expressed as you envisioned, or the type of paint you were using might not suit the style you were trying to create. These types of obstacles can really be draining. They will hinder your enthusiasm and belief in yourself. Do not let these put you down. Keep experimenting until you perfect your style and feel satisfied from your creation.

5. Marketing. Time = Money. If you don't have the time to invest in marketing, pay others to do it for you. If you have time to do it yourself invest your time in creating your own website, blogs, social media presence (Twitter and Facebook) and so on.

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  • Yosef
    Many people admire your paintings as art. But I admire your blog as a beautiful work of art. As an artist/writer of sorts myself, I read through your blog

    Osnat Tzadok
    Thank you :-)

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