Color Trends in Decorative Art


If you want to decorate the interior of your house or office, you'd surely want to look up for some inspirations and ideas. However, when you'll search online you'll probably see that one particular color would dominate most of the results. If you've done this before, then you would have come across the term 'color trend' already.

In this article you'll discover what are color trends and how they influence decorative art. Apart from that, you'd also get to know who determines these trends:

What are color trends?

A color trend would refer to the popularization of a particular color. You might begin to see the color being used considerably in the market if it's in trend. For example, if crimson red is in color trend for automobiles, then you'll begin to see a large number of cars of this color quickly.

Color trends have been present in the society for centuries. Even during the middle ages, the fashion of the royal people influenced the fashion of the public considerably. It used to create color trends in those times as well.

The impact of color trends:

You can feel the impact of a color trend quickly. If a color is chosen as the 'Color of the Year' then, it'll dominate the market for the rest of the period. However, color trends have become more popular because of the growth of media and internet. You now have access to millions of images on your phone. Apart from that, social media platforms have become an ingrained part of everyone's life. They enable people to share their thoughts, views and content with everyone easily.

Due to these supportive factors, color trends have become quite influential in the market. Additionally, the color trend might be different for different industries. That's because a particular might not look good on every product. For example, you might see a particular color in trend for cars but you'd see a completely different color for interior designs. Thus, the color trends have expanded and become more specific to the industries.

Searching by color on my site

To search for artworks with a specific color (or color combinations), use the color palette you can find on the left side on most of my art category pages.

You can even search for paintings with gold, bronze or silver colors. The color palette looks like this →

Who determines the trend?

You might think that people tend to like a particular a color automatically and it becomes the trend. However, that's only half the truth. The color which comes in the trend is called the 'Color of the Year' and it's determined beforehand by a committee of the organization named Pantone.

Pantone is a color standard company and it has more than 1900 colors for textile options. It's the biggest color standard company in the market and since the year 2000, it's been choosing the 'Color of the Year' yearly.


You can see how color trends influence our daily lives. Moreover, there are different color trends for different industries. Pantone chooses the 'Color of the Year' very carefully to make sure that the people love the color too. The color trend acts as a great marketing tool for companies as well.

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