My Passion with Abstract Art


Creating art is my passion! Every time I pass near a blank canvas I feel something explode inside of me. It is not something I can explain or pass on to someone else...but it is, always, a beginning of a new original creation. I think that this statement perfectly portrays what the viewers should feel when viewing an artist's abstract creation.

Just as an artist gets this "explosion", we receive the same feeling when looking at artworks if we truly appreciate it.

The beauty of non-representational art is that we can create the story within the painting. We can ask ourselves, "Why do these colors interact with each other?" or "What does this symbolize?".... And with those questions our imagination brings about answers. Sure, representational art is still beautiful in its own way, but the artist already has revealed what they want you to see.

To create a piece of abstract art, a strong imagination and good sense of creativity are required. In abstract art I am able to put different colors, shapes, and textures together to create a finished piece that represents something in particular. When painting this form of art, I start in different ways depending on what I feel and how my imagination work.

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  • Osnat
    Thank you Catherine,

    Sorry for my late reply....

    I just can't explain it (having faces / mysterious images in my abstract paintings).
    It amazes me too. I can only see it when I am done working on the abstract and having it photographed.
    Behind the camera's lens I see what you see.

    I am a very spiritual person, I don't plan ahead when I create an abstract painting... I feel like a vessel... whatever comes to my mind consciously and unconsciously have been transmitted to the canvas.
  • Catherine
    Hi ! Stumbled across your delicious and inspiring artwork. Noticed that alot of your abstract work includes mysterious faces in the sky or in clouds. Is this deliberate or a natural (supernatural) intriguing part of your creative process? Love your work. Maybe one day I can save up and purchase. Just had to comment because your artistic style and work is very moving emotionally to me. I am from Melbourne Australia.
    Many thanks Catherine Eddy

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