Posters by Shulamit Eshed

Hi, I'm Shulamit Eshed. For me, ART is a way of living, it is moments of storm and tranquility, moments of passion, of pure existentialism. Through ART I explore and make sense of the world, of human behavior, of society.

Shulamit Eshed has an innate draw to colors and art. As a child she has been diagnosed with a rare visual condition - her brain can't connect the right & left images it is getting - meaning, Shulamit sees the world in different perspectives all the time - literally.

Though classically trained, Shulamit finds herself drawn to abstract and conceptual art, always pushing and exploring the borders of herself, of color and of her surroundings. Always giving the color, the brush, the canvas and the materials to guide her in her creations.

Shulamit loves working with people, educating & guiding them, if in her interior decorating, teaching, lecturing, and more. Her ability to really listen and communicate, paired with her unique perspective of color and space is really what sets her apart as an artist.