How to paint abstract impressionism


Abstract impressionism combines two different art styles into one. While abstract artworks rely on conveying the imagination of the artist, impressionist artworks show a unique perspective on the objects. When they are combined together, you get amazing artworks. The following tips will help you in creating one of these:

Break your color

Having a consistent color scheme might not work if you are creating an impressionist artwork. Many artist of this era used to break the color in different parts. Using different shades of the same color with clear distinctions enhances the complexity of the artwork considerably. Esteemed impressionist artists used multiple colors in their paintings for a composed and complete look.

When employed correctly, your artwork will look complete with few colors from a distance. On the other hand, when inspected closely, your artwork will look complex filled with numerous colors used. The different shades of the same color or closely associating colors can be used together without mixing for successful implementation.

Focus on the brushstrokes

Using bold brushstrokes is a common technique among the impressionist artists. The visible brushstrokes add a unique feel to the painting. You can keep them visible by not focusing on the finesse. Apart from that, you can choose to use bigger brushes for better visibility and looks. This technique can be applied to any kind of abstract impressionist artwork. You can use it for a completely abstract image as well as for an object-inspired piece.

The brush strokes can be used to distinguished between the different sections of the painting as well. Coupled with another color, these brushstrokes can give a magnificent effect to the artwork. Numerous impressionist artworks used this technique so you can take a look at them to get inspiration.

Have a feeling to depict

Abstract artworks differ from the realistic artworks. They focus more on conveying a feeling rather than a message or an object. That is why they are completely different from the realistic impressionism. You will not have a fixed object to show your viewers. If you have, then it will be viewed with a unique perspective. Your artwork should also be focused on conveying a feeling instead of a message.

This simple understanding will ensure that you are able to avoid the fundamental mistake of abstract painting. You will have to rely more on your imagination but it will also make your artwork original and authentic. Remember to experiment with different styles to get the best results. Choose the subject on the basis of your liking. If the object doesn’t spark any inspiration then you don’t need it.


With the help of the above tips, you will easily complete the artwork properly without any difficulty. Impressionist artworks are unique and much appreciated. Moreover, you will need to practice a little to create a high-quality artwork of this style. You should take a look at some of the products of the impressionist artists to get an idea of these techniques.

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  • Melba
    I'm so impressed

    Osnat Tzadok
    Thank you :-)
  • Rosa Reeves
    I just found you... I am a huge fan! I absolutely LOVE especially your abstract pieces, and vibrant colors that you use. Simply beautiful.

    I myself am very talented as well... not with color... I crochet and knit. (lol) I tried to paint and draw in the past... but somehow life interfered. I do know that can be very therapeutic.

    Within the past two years, I have been going through a difficult medical situation. And I am still recovering, but I can proudly to say that I am 'A SURVIVOR' (With God's grace).

    I am planning on painting my own paintings and call them: 'Surviving Cancer', 'A new beginning', 'God's gift'

    If it is OK with you I will use your artwork as an inspiration. I have NOOOOOOOO idea what I am doing. But I know that my heart and my soul will express themselves through color and movement. And it will be beautiful.

    Is there any advice in regards to 'beginner color kit', what type of paint, canvas or paper, brushes that could start using?

    Thank you sooooooo much.



    Osnat Tzadok
    Dear Rosa,

    So happy to inspire you. To play with colors is therapeutic indeed. It has magic. You can read my blog post about colors mixing technique and about acrylic paints.

    Hope it will help you.


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