How to Get Your Art Noticed


In this age, creating exceptional art is not the only task you will have to do. Artists have to do a number of other tasks in the current market to stand out and to ensure they don’t lag behind their competition. It doesn’t mean that you should overlook the importance of creating good arr. However, you will need to put in some effort to ensure that your art gets noticed by the right people.

Thanks to the internet, finding admirers for your products is no longer a difficult task. You don’t need to put in much effort into developing a following and finding new people. The following points will help you in avoiding all the hassles present in this process.

Have a Website

If you create new paintings or artworks regularly, and you want to find more admirers, then you should surely get a website of your own. It will help you avoid plenty of difficulties and confusion. The website will give you a place on the internet of your own, where you can share your products with others. You can write a blog as well, where you share your experiences with your artworks and other aspects of being an artist.

However, before you get a website, you should get a little knowledge of SEO and marketing the website. This will make sure that you don’t have to face any difficulties with getting traffic. Having your own website will also keep you free from any impacts of the social media platforms. That’s because these platforms keep changing their algorithms regularly which can impact your traffic. Having a website will keep you independent. You will find it easier to attract new people and create a following when you do this task.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Even though it is highly recommended to have a website, it is not enough. You will need to utilize the social media platforms available on the internet. They are the places which help people connect with others who share similar interests. By using platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, you can easily find hundreds or thousands of people who might love your paintings.

You will need to share the images of your paintings or artworks on these platforms regularly. You should get an idea of tags and keywords before you begin posting your artworks to make sure that they get maximum exposure. Encourage your viewers to share the art among their peers too. Such strategies will help you attract more traffic.

Develop a Network

Apart from online marketing, you will need to cultivate an offline network of y our art admirers as well. For that, you should focus on participating in events, join groups and remain active in the community. This will help you gather a local following with ease


These few steps will help you tremendously in attracting more visitors and customers without putting in much effort. The only thing that will influence your popularity would be the quality of your artworks.

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  • sylvia Kingsley
    Hello Osnat
    I'm trying to locate your instruction how to mix colours and, unable to trace item...would appreciate hearing from you. Love your work and all the wonderful advice, so encouraging...especially at nearly 92.!..
    A long-ago UK Journalist now painting, not selling very often! Trying to follow your advice, especially how to do Abstracts...
    I onc e worked in London with C.P..Canadian Press News Agency...and visited Israel to write travel stories., among other travels.
    With Best Wishes and Shalom, Sylvia..

    Osnat Tzadok
    Hello Sylvia and thank you very much for your kind feedback :-)
    Here you can find the article about mixing colors.
    It is the second article from the end.


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