Being Creative – what does it take to be creative?


Creativity is one of the most important qualities you'd need if you're an artist. However, many myths surround this powerful quality and it's important that you know the reality behind them. If you aspire to be an artist, you'd need to be creative. This will help you in any style or form of art. Whether it's a painting or sketch, you'll be able to find new connections and create an amazing piece.

This article throws light on the topic of creativity and how you can improve it. I hope that it will help you in this regard so you'll have less to worry about:

The biggest myth about creativity:

Many people believe that creativity is an inherent talent. It's true that some people are more creative naturally but it doesn't mean that you can't be creative. As people fear that they aren't creative enough, they leave their aspirations of becoming a good artist or content creator.

Can one improve creativity?

Yes, improving creativity is possible. You'd have to work on your creativity in order to make progress. The successful artists and innovators do the same. No one is born with an astonishingly high level of creativity. That's why you shouldn't worry much if you think you aren't a creative person.

The following are some methods you can follow to improve your creativity. They aren't very hard and you'll be able to enhance your creative mindset easily through their help:

  1. Focus on expertise
    Whether you're in decorative art or a painter, it's important that you focus on developing an expertise. By becoming an expert of the particular field, you'll be able to gain new insights in your field. You'd learn better techniques and skills too.
  2. Develop your problem-solving skills
    Problem solving skills can help you considerably in boosting your creativity. Try looking at your daily problems with a different angle. Through this practice you'd be able to form new connections and thus enhance your creativity.
  3. Learn new things
    It could be anything. You can learn a new skill such as knitting or a new language. Learning new things opens up new avenues for you to grow.
  4. Modify your current ideas
    Look at your completed projects and think how you can modify it. You might want to keep one thing consistent such as the inspiration or the style and change the rest.
  5. Take inspiration
    It's never bad to learn from the greats. Observe their works and take inspiration from them.


Through the above points, you should be able to remove some of your doubts and confusion regarding creativity. Anyone can work on his or her creativity and improve it. You don't have to undergo a long or difficult process too. The successful people among us develop these habits and work tirelessly on them.

If you have any questions regarding creativity or any thoughts to share on this topic, feel free to connect with me. I'd be glad to help you and remove some of your doubts.

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